OUR Services


Understanding your brand.

To ensure impactful marketing, it is important to review and understand your brand.  Have you got the right brand strategy?  Are you building a connection to your intended target audience through your channels?  Uniek can help understand and identify gaps in your brand stratgey with our FREE 30 minute Discovery Session.


Marketing support.

Every business needs a sound marketing strategy and plan in order to drive revenue. Starting from an understanding of your target market, we will develop a plan with easy to follow steps covering all areas of marketing.  Through the process, we can also support in making sure the right media is being planned for the right campaigns.


Areas of expertise.

  • Brand and Marketing strategy and management
  • Marketing plans and how to execute effectively
  • Storytelling and the role of content
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Partnerships, ambassadors and influencers
  • Events and product launches